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I'm one spinningwheel away from my true identity.
ali smith, andrey kurkov, art deco teapots, baltic mittens, banana yoshimoto, beets, being smug, bohumil hrabal, bulgarian choral music, buttons, cabbage rolls, cat and girl, cbc, cemeteries, cobblestoned streets, comedy dancing, declining nouns, dubravka ugresic, dumplings, finkleman's 45s, fleeing the country, futurama, generating stage names, girls with big dictionaries, grammar related pick-up lines, hibernation, iconic architecture, inaccurate greeting cards, invader zim, iwao akiyama, josef čapek, keeping houseplants alive, klezmer, knitting, krakow, late afternoon, literary translators, lithuanian cuisine, living with performance artists, london, maria peszek, mile end, montreal, mordechai richler, neko case, nostalgic french chansons, pitching woo haphazardly, poking people, polyglot scrabble, public radio, religious architecture, schadenfreude, scrabble, semiotics, sensible footwear, slow trains, soup, st.viateur street, station announcments, staying in, stuff, tea, terry pratchett, the bauhaus, the letter ř, thunderstorms, time signals, train stations, trainspotter-spotting, unloved vegetables, untalkative bunny, used book stores, vlasta vostřebalova